Reliable Water Heater Service in Langley

There is nothing like the experience of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower to make one appreciate the importance of maintaining and keeping your hot water tank up to date. For larger and growing families, it is often recommended to upgrade to a larger tank while on the other hand, individuals can usually get by with a smaller type of tank as long as they are conservative with their amount of usage.

Willowbrook Plumbing and Heating answers your water heating needs with exceptional workmanship, reliable products and amazing service. If you are debating getting a Hot Water Tank in Surrey BC, Willowbrook Plumbing is the way to go!

There are many types of products out there and making a decision can often be difficult. If you’re debating over the types and models of Hot Water Tank in Surrey BC, we are equipped with the information and knowledgeable recommendations to make your purchase decision easier.

The average life of a hot water tank is about 10 years. Here are a few reasons why your hot water tank in Surrey Bc may stop working: the thermostat that controls the heater is broken and needs to be replaces, there is something blocking the water from getting in to the tanks, or there is something wrong with the water storage tank. The right water heater is efficient, properly sized to meet your home’s hot water demands and usage and can help you actually save on energy usage and utility bills. 

Hot Water Tank Installation Services in Langley

Hot water is a necessity especially during the winters. Get access to hot water 24/7 with hot water tank installation in Langley by Willowbrook Plumbing & Heating. We can come in and install a new hot water tank for you or repair your old one. We also offer maintenance services for hot water tanks. Whether you want to flush out the sediment buildup or just want to clean it up, we can help you with it. Hot water tank maintenance is important to increase its efficiency and longevity.

24/7 Emergency Hot Water Tank Repair

No matter what time it is or what day of the week it is, you should never compromise on your comfort. If your hot water tank isn’t working like it should, call us. We offer 24/7 emergency hot water tank repair services for our clients in Langley and the surrounding areas. Contact us now for a free quote.

“Gary is great guy. I called him Friday evening to replace my hot water tank. Did it fast and efficient. Nice guy and really good price wise.”

-Naiel N

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